Thursday, 6 December 2012

Research - Target Audience Questionnare

Hello readers,
 To gather information on our audience demographic, our group created a questionnaire.
 Our team carried out this questionnaire, having previously made decisions revolving around our chosen genre of 'thriller'. As we are creating a film to appeal to teenagers/young adults, we asked ten 16-17 year old's five questions. We chose to ask people of this particular age group as we decided that the most likely age group to have an interest in thriller movies are those who are younger (ranging from between 15-18 years).

 To gain clear results, we colour coded each questioned individual to see who answered with what. Our team also decided to collect the data using a tally chart system as this allows easy collection of answers to gain a better understanding of the standards that our film opening must meet.

From the results of question 1, it is clear to see that the majority of our target audience questioned agreed that the thriller genre was popular. This allowed for reassurance that our film would appeal to the chosen viewers. Again, the answers made by our target audience in relation to question 2 continued to show the team that our audience demographic enjoy thrillers with the majority voting for the answer 'yes' when inquired if thriller films were enjoyable. Question 3 reestablished the interest our target audience had in thriller movies, as the majority voted for the age certificate of this genre to be 15; this showed our team that people of 15-18 years would be interested in seeing a thriller film. The results from this question also allowed our team to consider the age restrictions we would focus on when creating our film and the need to consider suitability  of contents. Question 4 covered the musical aspect of our production and highlighted its importance within producing our film opening, as votes showed that eight people answered 'yes' to sound playing a key role. Therefore, during the production stage, it is vital we focus on creating an intriguing and exciting soundtrack to enhance the audiences viewing. Question 5 dealt with the idea of pace within our film opening; results showed us that 80% of those questioned voted 'yes' to a quick pace being important, and the other 20% decided that it was 'quite' important, thus, making it essential that we create a feeling of a quick pace within the opening credits of our film.

Overall, this questionnaire has been a useful communication tool when considering what our audience desire from a thriller movie.

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