Thursday, 20 December 2012

Planning - Filming Equipment List

Hello readers,
 Before beginning test shots and filming, it is essential we complete an equipment list to ensure we have everything needed.

DSLR Camera
Model: Canon EOS 550d

Why chosen?: Our team decided to use this camera to film our opening sequence on as it is accessible. With two lenses available, one being a 50mm f1.8 and the other 18mm-130mm with an aperture f3.5, we can alter the look for different shots. For instance, when taking long distance shots, such as an establishing shot or a long shot, we can use the 18mm-130mm f3.5 lens. If we desire a more professional look on closer takes, such as a close up, we can use the 50mm f1.8 lens as the low aperture provides a more 'arty' aesthetic. 


Model: Tripod with Manfrotto fluid head

Why chosen?: Again, this equipment is accessible to us. To ensure steady camera shots and fluid panning, we chose to use this tripod with the Manfrotto fluid head attachment to gain professional filming when taking takes. Also, it allows easy attachment of the DSLR camera we  intend to use.

Camera Rig
Model: Just a standard movie pro rig

Why chosen?: When tracking characters, it is vital to gain as steady a look as is possible . Therefore, having the DSLR camera attached to a camera rig, when filming we can run whilst balancing the rig onto our shoulder. In this sense, the rig acts like a Tripod, but one intended for use when moving.

Model: Lilliput 7 inch monitor

Why chosen? It is important to ensure that what appears on the screen of the camera, appears the same on a monitor. For instance, when filming we could accidentally under expose so to ensure we avoid this we will be using a monitor to check our footage's white balance and exposure. It is also easier for the person filming to see what they are capturing. 

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