Friday, 7 December 2012

Research - Further Study of Opening Credits

 Hello readers,
To continue research of opening credits, I studied the opening scene of the 2009 horror film 'Splice'. Again, like the credits of 'Signs', the main focus is the text and soundtrack although there is some live footage in here which directs the audience inside a fluid-filled womb.
Link to watch opening credits:
 Staying typical of a horror film, the opening credits feature a dark colour scheme. As the film is a sci-fi horror, the use of the colour green (connotations of aliens) stays representative of this genre. The credits appear very subtle. The font is almost skeletal like which ties with the beginning of the clip, where animal skeletons are shown to the audience. Having initially decided we want subtle font within our credits, this is interesting to see how other films have done so within their own credits. The font is sans-serif which creates a modernistic visual. This again ties to the genre of sci-fi as it creates a link to the modern culture of space. Despite the fact that we are not making a film opening for a sci-fi horror, the opening credits successfully create a feel of tension and suspense which would be expected of a thriller genre. It effectively does this through mystery; the viewer does not know what they are being shown through the live footage which enhances the feeling of suspense. The dark colour means that the aesthetics are obscured and the audience is unsure what is coming up. Some of the credits are carved into the womb through computer generated visuals. This again adds a subtle feel to the credits.
 The soundtrack again plays a huge part in creating tension. The use of recorded piano creates an eerie touch and the 'whooshing' sounds as the camera moves around the womb suggest movement which adds to the pace and creates suspense through doing so.
 Overall, I feel our team will be influenced by these opening credits when creating our own as we would like to create an eerie soundtrack and subtle credits.

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