Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Planning - Media Pitch

Hello readers,
 This is my groups film opening pitch. As I previously mentioned the film is to be called The Syndrome; the opening features an escape scene as a captive girl tries to escape the domineering captor. We included mood boards to inspire our location choices that will create the particular atmosphere suited to the 'thriller' genre. We believe there to be three locations: forest, prison and tool shed. Each place will have an eerie feel to enhance tension within the opening; essential for the fast-paced escape scene that will hold the audiences attention. We hope to film in dusk as this will create the lighting desired to add to the chosen atmosphere; as we plan to hold the escape scene within a forest location, this will create particular tension and thrill due to the maze like setting. We plan to use a tool shed to add context in relation to the capturer himself; we plan to show a preview of him preparing chains or some sort of weaponry (although his intentions are not to kill) within this location. It could be a desolated building or literally a shed (although if we decided upon a shed we would have to ensure verisimilitude was created by ensuring it looked as if it were deteriorating). We have the idea of the prison being situated within a caravan as this is less clich√© then a basement or literal prison.
 We have yet to cast who will play the victim and the captor and still need to consider aspects like costume design. We must also find our decided locations.

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