Thursday, 13 December 2012

Planning - Casting

Character 1: Captor 

Actor: James Poole
Why chosen?: We decided to cast James for the role of captor as we needed someone with a bigger build to appear intimidating in this role which determines the necessity for a powerful figure. We plan to not show him wholly visible during the opening sequence to create a sense of mystery around the dominating figure which will hold the audiences attention to continue watching on; therefore, we plan to just show his figure in shadow, from behind, particular limbs and from his shoulders down meaning the face will be left to be revealed later on. 
What scenes will they appear in?: The captor will appear during the escape scene and in two solo scenes: one scene will be the captor checking the captives prison and the other being of the captor preparing weapons/chains.

Character 2: Captive

Actress: Shannon Bulmer (also a Co-producer, co-director, co-editor, head of sound production and co-camera woman)
Why chosen?: We needed a young adult girl for this role and someone with particular interest in acting. Being a team member of ours already, we chose Shannon who would know how to portray the character and is also an AS Level Drama Student; by being a student in performing arts, Shannon will be able to convey ideas of emotion and fear better. Shannon also has a small frame which will increase a sense of vulnerability in opposition to the larger built captor in the escape scene. 
What scenes will they appear in?: The dual escape scene with the captor and a solo escape scene in the prison location.

Other team members:

Amber Wilson (Co-producer, co-director, co-editor and co-camera woman, head of credits design)
Amelia Eguchi-Wale (Co-producer, co-director, co-editor, co-camera woman, director of cinematography)

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