Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Research - Ambient Sounds

Hello readers,
In my post about the programs we intend to use within the production process, I commented on the fact that we have made the decision to create ambient sounds for our soundtrack. As the main escape scene is within a forest, we need to make sound effects suited to this location.
In this particular Youtube clip, you can make out a lot of winds and distinct creaks. The listener can also pick up on ambiguous crunching of leave and snapping of twigs which suggests presence within the woods. We could include noises like this within our score, by collecting leaves, paper and twigs and crunching and snapping these to portray movement within the forest. As well as this, we may be able to find noises which create wind sounds within Soundtrack Pro.

In the below clip, we can hear the sound of leaves being walked on. We could recreate this within our own ambient sounds.

We plan to make the sound effects we create diagetic throughout the duration of the escape scene.

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