Sunday, 30 December 2012

Planning - Team Member Roles

 Hello readers,
Before filming, as a team we decided to make a clear post about the parts of production we are enrolling ourselves into.

 Amelia Eguchi-Wale (myself)
 It has been dictated by the team and I, that I am going to be chief-editor and costume supervisor. I will also be filming and directing cinematography. On top of this, I am of course a producer along with the other two team members and a director.

 Amber Wilson
Amber will also be filming, but she will take role as head supervisor of credits. This will mean she will be supervising the creation of our credits, title and 'ident'. She is also a producer and executive director.

Shannon Bulmer
Shannon is acting within our film, but she will be capturing footage of our actor James. She will also be supervising creation of our soundtrack and directing and producing. She will be chief recorder of ambient sounds too.

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