Saturday, 8 December 2012

Research - Further Study of Opening Credits

Hello readers,
 To further research into opening credits I looked at the thriller film 'Cape Fear'. Again, these are opening credits which focus mainly on the credits and soundtrack with addition of ambiguous live footage. This is to gain further research into the credits and soundtrack element.
Cape Fear (1991) — Art of the Title
The soundtrack is of a recorded composed orchestra piece. The soundtrack is representative of the thriller genre as it depicts horror and suspense. This is created through the harsh and loud sounds that unsettle the audience. The score is unpredictable, leaving the audience lost in concern to what is to come. This leaves a sense of mystery, typical of the thriller genre, and increases the suspense further. The credits are stylized as they appear jagged which could represent the blade of a knife. Violence is a popular theme within thrillers so this conforms to the genre conventions. The credits are fairly harsh, they are not subtle but stand out against the darker live footage in white font. This unnerves the viewer. The colours within the opening scene are fairly dark until the introduction of a crimson red toward the end. This connotes death and violence.
 To conclude, I do not feel that this will have much influence over our opening credits as it is our intentions to create subtle titles.

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