Monday, 31 December 2012

Planning - Colour Grading

Hello readers,
 Having shot our test shots we decided to try out colour grading; this is a post-edit process we could use in our final opening sequence if we are unhappy with the colour aesthetic.
 Using Adobe SpeedGrade, I imported the edited look development film and began adjusting the whites and blacks within the footage. I also changed the colour levels and temperatures. The result of this was a custom colour mask. The images below show the difference between footage with the colour mask and without. The footage without the colour mask appears dull and less visually appealing. The colour mask has a blue tint which suggests coldness and also lowers the overall exposure of the film. This could be a good colour mask to use for our final piece as it creates an eerie look. If we do decide to colour grade our final opening sequence, it is better that we shoot as neutral as possible.

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