Friday, 28 December 2012

Research - Ident

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 As we are making an opening sequence, it is important that we try to give our production the utmost feel of professionalism is as possible. At the beginning of every film is an 'ident'; this acts as the signature of the company. It shows the audience who created the film. Our team has made the decision to make our own 'ident', so because of this we needed to research into an 'ident' that could influence our own.
 Twisted Pictures are the company behind the renowned 'Saw' franchise. In their 'ident', it is clear to see that the films of which the company release are of the thriller/horror genre.
Below is Twisted Pictures company 'ident':

 How is it made evident that this is the genre of film of which Twisted Pictures release? Firstly, the name of the company. 'Twisted' connotes ideas of insanity and abnormal human behaviour; thriller/horror films follow storyline's of odd happenings which are wrong and at times inhumane. This title therefore represents the genre well. Secondly, the font. It is bold and sans serif, which results in harsh edges. The colour of the letters is steel; the viewer can infer that this shade depicts images of knifes and so on, again, relating to the theme of violence within both genres. The black background makes the title stand out more and the dark colour scheme emphasises the 'dark' side to the thriller/horror genre. The animation of the barbed wire curling around the text suggests ideas of being trapped and no escape - the title is imprisoned within the wire. This is perhaps something we could include within our own 'ident' as The Syndrome is about a girl being captured and held hostage. After the wire has finished curling around the title, a dagger falls from above and lands between the two words. This again connotes violence and pain, popular of the two genres. The dagger turns and wraps the barbed wire around itself, almost suffocating the title. Then with the flash of apparent thunder, the title is released of the barbed wire and appears cut and damaged, emphasising the popular themes of suffering and death which are linked to thriller/horror films. The dagger then stays entwined with a little barbed wire. Throughout the 'ident' is a short soundtrack; noises within is metal sounds, the sounds of thorns growing and thunder. All are harsh sounds which exaggerates the representation of the thriller/horrow genres even further as it implies ideas of violence.
 Overall, our team is very influenced by this particular 'ident' and would like to give our own the same aesthetics and feel of the genre that Twisted Pictures have achieved.

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