Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Research - Soundtrack

Hello readers,
 To begin thinking about our soundtrack, our team started research. One of the most iconic thriller films is 'Psycho', a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The soundtrack has been recorded using an all-string orchestra. This is probably because string instruments can create eerie, short noises which results in the creation of tension. The soundtrack has a quick pace which is unnerving; we also would like our own soundtrack to follow a fast pace as we are capturing a chase scene. As the soundtrack proceeds, the string sounds become longer and calmer however this does not omit the unsettling atmosphere that has been created; it is almost the 'eye of the storm' as the score then continues to speed up. Despite this being a successful soundtrack, we would like a more modern feel to our own as we are trying to attract a younger audience. 
                                 We then began looking at films based around this idea of 'no escape' and being held hostage. A movie which is well known for following similar themes is the action horror film 'The Hills Have Eyes'; there is a colony of deformed former miners who capture a family and then inflict heinous crimes onto them such as rape and death. Although, this film is an 18 it is still fairly similar to 'The Syndrome's basic plot due to victims being held hostage. This particular soundtrack is a little unsettling as it has erratic beats with an underlining subtle screeching noise which crescendos into a shot. This surprises the audience as stays slow until it climaxes; this soundtrack creates tension through this, as the viewer is unsure what is going to happen. The shots then continue and the music becomes louder. This is very suited to its genre of horror, or it even would suit a thriller, as this soundtrack successfully creates tension and connotes violence through gun shots. Our team have decided, however, that we would like to makes our more pacy but using similar sounds like the beats and the ambiguous string instrumental.

 We will continue to research more soundtracks to find one which will influence our own the most.

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