Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Research - Other Soundtracks

Hello readers,
 To further research soundtracks which could possibly influence our own, we looked at this particular soundtrack taken from '28 Weeks Later'. Despite this film having little in common with our own opening sequence idea, we feel that the slow build up and layer of sounds could influence us in the way we compile our own soundtrack. The slow beginning of the score to a climax helps to build tension; this is something we would like to do in our own soundtrack. However, as the time limit of our opening sequence is two minutes, we cannot evoke the slow beginning within our own, so this soundtrack is unhelpful to the suitability of what we need from our own score.

  Our final soundtrack which we found to influence us the most is from the TV series 'The Killing'. This is because it uses a lot of electronic sounds and provides a feel of tension through the erratic placing of sounds and beats. The score also builds up to a fast pace. Because we are trying to attract a younger audience, we plan to use electronic sounds within our own soundtrack as well as the inclusion of ambient sounds. We also want to depict a quick chase scene, so a fast pace is essential. We plan to make our soundtrack diagetic throughout the whole opening credits as we have no dialect. 

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