Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Planning - Intended Software List

Hello readers,
Having previously considered the equipment of which we will be using when filming, we decided to make a final decision of software we intend to use.

Editing Program

Program: Final Cut Pro

Why chosen?: We have chosen to use Final Cut Pro post-filming to compile our footage together as not only have we used it before, but it is easy to import footage into and allows simple navigation around the software. We also have access to this program.

Image of software:

Soundtrack Program

Program: Soundtrack Pro

Why chosen?: We have decided to use Soundtrack Pro when creating the score for our opening sequence as no one in our group has made music before, so we require a simple program that provides us with a variety of sounds in order to do so. Not only is this program suited to our needs, but is also accessible to us.

Image of software:

Recording Program

Program: GarageBand

Why chosen?: Having decided that we will be filming part of our escape scene within a forest location, we decided we would end up creating ambient sounds. We will not be recording these directly when filming as we do not want to pick up unwanted sounds and do not have access to the essential equipment. Therefore we will become 'foley' artists and create our own ambient sounds through recording into the software GarageBand. We will then import these sounds into Soundtrack Pro. 

                                                      Image of software: 

Credits Program

Program: LiveType

Why chosen?: Our final program choice is LiveType. With this software we will be creating our credits and title. Like the others chosen, it is easy to navigate around and allows the user to produce animated text. There is also a variety of fonts available and effects.

Image of software:

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