Sunday, 17 February 2013

Production - Draft Edit

Hello readers,
 After shooting, we felt it necessary to quickly compile our footage together to get a feel for the shots together and gain an understanding of what shots should be omitted and what shots work well. We decided to not use any footage from the garage location as we felt the fluency was lost. This resulted in just using footage from the woodland location. We felt the pace is sped up by doing so.
 When properly editing our final opening sequence, we need to consider the direction in which the characters are running; in this draft edit, we cannot gain a full illustration of the chase scene as it appears they are running in opposite directions. Also, there is no sound over this and no credits, all aspects of our opening sequence we need to consider.
Another decision that we made when reviewing our draft edit was that we felt we would dismiss the end caravan scene. Although this was not included in our storyboard after deciding we would rather concentrate on the garage, we decided to shoot the entrance into the caravan at the end, however we felt this did not work well and the lighting appeared different resulting  in an amateur look.

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