Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Planning - Costume Design

Hello readers,
 In consideration to costume design within our film opening, we decided that the victim should stand out whereas the mysterious captor should be in darker colours; this creates a juxtaposition between the nature of both characters.

Victims Costume
As a team, we decided that the victim should wear a bright colour to appear significant within the dull woodland environment.  Our actress will wear a bright red jumper which will contrast with the hues of greens and browns within the forest. She will wear this with dark leggings to enhance the brightness of the jumper and dark blue wellington boots. She may also wear a dark raincoat over the top, again to increase the statement that the jumper provides (the raincoat and wellington boots may also suggest context to the characters previous situation before being captured).
 The clothes are tight-fitting (besides from the rain coat) so this will highlight how small the victim is against the domineering captor. 

Captors Costume
 In comparison to the victim, our captor needs to blend in with the environment. This will add to his stealth persona so therefore he needs to wear dark colours; our actor will be clothed in a dark jumper as shown and a dark t-shirt with dark bottoms. Within the main chase scene, the captor will take off his jumper to project his anger and fluster towards his anxiety of the necessity of capturing the victim once again; a tight fitting t-shirt will also define the build of the captor and therefore illustrate the little hope the victim has of escaping.

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