Saturday, 9 February 2013

Planning - Filming Date

Hello readers,
We are set to begin production on Tuesday 12 February 2013. We will be filming during the day of both the garage location and the forest location. A Facebook event has been created by one of our team members Amber Wilson to remind everyone of the date.

However, there are forecast warnings of snow; if this goes forth, filming may have to be postponed or we will have to adapt our film to this weather forecast.
Due to this weather warning, I have looked at what the new possible aesthetic of our opening sequence will be. 
 An infamous chase scene within snowy conditions is The Shining (1980). The snow enhances the feeling of 'no escape' as running becomes harder and conditions are more brutal. Footsteps also lead the captor to the victim; these are factors that we could use to our advantage when filming. The Shining's colour grade is very dark, whereas we are filming in the day so our footage will be more exposed. If we decide to later change the appearance of our takes then we can do so within a colour grading program, such as Adobe SpeedGrade, which was previously tested on our test shots within the forest. 

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