Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Planning - Costume Make-up

 Hello readers,
An important factor of costume design is make-up; make-up can add realism within film. As our victim is escaping after finding herself imprisoned from being captured, we decided to create the look of a black eye and a cut eyebrow. This would add verisimilitude within our film opening; therefore, adding more interest and engaging our audience.

This picture illustrates how the make-up will appear on screen for the viewer to see.

 To create the illusion of a black eye on our actress, we used purple, green, beige, blue, brown and yellow eye-shadow. By dabbing each colour around the eyelid and underneath we were able to achieve what appeared to look like a bruise. To create the illusion of a cut eyebrow, we blotted red lipstick and ketchup to congeal together to form the appearance of dried blood. The rest of the face was left bare, to increase the look of the bruise. Below are images showing the stages of the make-up application. We ended up with a subtle, realistic look which will appear within our film opening.


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