Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Production - Making of Ident

Hello readers, 
 Before all professional films openings, the company 'ident' appears, which is almost comparable to a signature as it creates a genuine feel to the production and reassures the audience that the film they have chosen to watch is created by an established company. 
 Here is an example of an 'ident':

To echo a feel of professionalism within our own production we decided to create our own 'ident'. We decided to name our studio 'Crimson Pictures' as this could connote ideas of blood and violence which are known popular themes of thriller movies. The software we decided to use was 'Live Type'; this could be easily utilized to create a moving image revolved around text. 

The below image shows the font we used. The font we installed was retrieved from the website 'Dafont'  ( We decided to use this site to find a suitable font as we wanted to create an original ident; this meant we experimented with more fonts beforehand to find the most suited one. We decided to make the font white, to contrast with a black background. This creates a bold look that is fitting for a thriller movie as the light on dark is harsh and unnerving, just like the chosen genre. It also means the title stands out, making the studio name noticeable.

This second image shows the placement of an effect over the text; the font appears to be glowing creating an eerie aesthetic which fits well to the 'thriller' genre of our production.

The final image shows the finished 'ident'. As well as the glowing effect over the text, we added a moving effect; this is a series of moving 'slices' over the title which range from cream to red colours evoking images in relation to blood and violence, suiting the studio name of 'Crimson Pictures' which also connotes similar ideas. We will be placing the 'ident' at the beginning of our footage.

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