Friday, 29 March 2013

Editing - Audience Feedback

Hello readers,
 After creating our final film opening, it was essential to receive audience feedback. By doing so, we would see if we had attracted our target audience successfully. We asked a group of mixed genders ranging in age from being 15 years old to 22 years. We colour coded those in question so you can see who answered with what.
 As you can see, on question 1, 90% answered 'yes' to whether the opening scene reflected a thriller genre, and 1% answered with 'kind of'. This shows the success of the representation of our  chosen genre within our film opening sequence. On question 2, 80% answered that 'yes' the plot is clear within the opening scene, whereas, 10% said that 'no' the plot was not clear and the other 10% answered with 'kind of'. As the majority vote is 'yes', this shows we succeeded in illustrating the plot within our chase scene. Question 3 asked whether the location had an impact on the scene. 70% said 'yes', 20% said 'kind of' and 10% said 'no'. This tells us that the location added to the chase scene as the majority agreed. In concern to question 4, 90% agreed that the music was effective and represented the thriller genre successfully. This shows the team that our diagetic score created a big impact and was essential to  enhance our opening sequence. Question 5 was based on the impact of snow within the visuals. 60% agreed with 'yes' to whether it created an impact and added atmosphere, whereas 30% answered with 'kind of' and 10% disagreeing with 'no'. This tells us that although at first snow was a problem, it did not create a negative impact within our chase scene. Question six is based on costumes, with 80% agreeing that costumes were well assigned to the characters and 20% answering with 'kind of'. This shows us that the characters represented their roles well through their overall appearance. Question 7 was the least successful, as noone agreed to the inquiry of whether the credits were easily readable. This meant that 60% answered 'no' and 40% replied with 'kind of'. This suggests that if we were to alter our opening sequence, we should make our credits clearer so they can be easily read by the viewer. This is a shame as the credits were one of the most important aspects of our film opening. Question 8 asks the audience if the title 'The Syndrome' is effective and representative of a thriller. 9 of those questioned agreed with 'yes' and 1 person answered with 'kind of'. This shows that our title is well suited to our chosen genre.
  Question 9 concerns editing and whether it is representative of continuity editing. 100% answered with 'yes'. This shows the success of our editing and compilation of footage. Question 10 asks whether are chosen BBFC certificate of '15' is reasonable. The majority (8 people) agreed with the answer 'yes', contrasting with the minority (2 people) who said 'kind of'. This reassures us that we are targeting the right age group (15 +). Again, question 11 has received an 100% vote that 'yes' the female character reflects characteristics of a protagonist. This shows our team we have shown our female character to be a stereotypical main character of the thriller genre. 100% also agree to question 12 which asks if our male character reflects the characteristics of an antagonist. This shows we have successfully portrayed the captor as the opposition within the opening scene. Question 13 inquires the audience on whether our 'ident' is representative of the thriller genre. 80% agree with 'yes' and 20% answered with 'kind of'. This tells us that our 'ident' is successful and would not have to be altered if we were to make changes. The penultimate questions asks the audience whether props should have been included. 2 people answer with 'yes' whereas the other 8 say 'no'. This reassured our team, as our mise en scene was effective enough without the addition of props. The last question concludes on whether the audience enjoyed the opening sequence of 'The Syndrome'. 100% agreed with 'yes'. This shows us that have we have a created a successful opening sequence which attracts our desired audience. Despite a few areas having potential room for change (the credits), I feel we have succeeded in concerns to the set brief.

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