Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Production - Further Soundtrack Development

Hello readers, 
 In the previous draft, I presented to you our first draft soundtrack to accompany our footage in our final opening sequence. In this post, I have included an image of our second draft soundtrack. After creating our first draft soundtrack, we tested it with our edited footage through process of importing it into 'Final Cut' (the software used to edit our footage). We then played the footage against the soundtrack to see areas needed to improve and then did so within 'Soundtrack Pro'. The areas we needed to improve with were in relation to inaccuracy with timing against the footage and a lack in creation of tension. We improved these faults by including more music within our soundtrack, changing tones, altering pitches and paces. This resulted in a preferred and more suitable soundtrack however some small adjustments still need to be made to make our finished soundtrack as fitting as possible.

(Picture of second draft soundtrack)

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