Thursday, 21 March 2013

Production - Credits

Hello readers,
Within this post  is a screen shot of our opening credits within the software program 'Live Type'. As we had already edited our footage together, created an 'ident' and composed our soundtrack, the final stage was to compile our credits.
Having previously made our 'ident' within the program 'Live Type' we felt confident using it to create our credits. Timing within our credits was an important factor to consider, just as it had been when composing our soundtrack, as we needed to ensure the credits ran throughout the footage, and the title 'The Syndrome' appeared at the end. Despite wanting to include the title at the beginning before (shown in in our storyboard), we felt that the title would make a bigger impact by appearing boldly at the end. We also felt that this would establish the ending of the opening, and create a transition for the film to begin afterwards. For this move, we were inspired by the 'Lion King' opening sequence as the title appears at the end, which we felt was especially effective (despite being a film of a different genre).

The colour of the text used is a dark grey as we felt black text against the white would appear too harsh, whereas white would blend in with the snowy surroundings. Grey is also a soft colour which would appear subtle as the credits ran; we decided to make the credits subtle as we wanted the main focus to be the feature and not the text. For the title, we placed white large font against a black background. As our film is of the thriller genre, we felt that the contrast between the two colours would appear slightly harsh, and not only that, but appear slightly unnerving. The white on black also stands out, and because we wanted a bold title we felt this succeeded our aim. In consideration of our credits size, we chose to have them appear at the size 33.0. This makes the text big enough to read, but not so big that the credits become a distraction to the audience.
We also used effects, as similarly done in the 'ident', over the credits and title. With the credits, we used a transition of 'Fade in and fade out', allowing them to only appear for a brief few seconds and then to brush away subtly. For the title, we firstly applied a slight glow behind the text to give a subtle, yet almost ghostly effect (which links to our unnerving thriller genre), meaning the harsh outline of the text became lesser. We also applied an effect which creates the feel of a dodgy light bulb turning on, hence why there are only a few letters on the screen shot as the effect is in place, and the other have yet to appear. This again creates a slightly eerie feel which is perfect for the style of film we desire.

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