Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Planning - Lighting

Hello readers,
In concern to lighting within our final opening sequence, we had originally planned to shoot at dusk; by doing so we hoped to achieve a more eerie visual. However, our group has changed this decision. We feel that the risk of having underexposed footage is too high, so we will now be shooting within the daytime. This gives us a longer time window and if we are unhappy with the colour of our film, we can always change this in the production process. Therefore, in consideration to lighting, we will be utilizing natural light as much as possible. However, in the garage scene and perhaps the caravan site, we will be using artificial lighting to highlight areas of detail. Shown in our test shots of the garage scene, we used a lamp which produced a warm glow to light dark areas; this creates ambiguity and adds a sense of mystery.

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