Monday, 21 January 2013

Planning - Look development (captor solo scene)

Hello readers,
 Upon choosing our location for the captors solo scene where he will be preparing weaponry and eventually realize that the hostage has escaped, we decided to do test shots in order to achieve look development and understand the shot types we would like to pursue in our final opening sequence and the lighting decisions that we face.
 After shooting we realized we underexposed to much. Although this enhances the mystery within the sequence it also means it is hard for viewers to see actions clearly; therefore, when shooting our final film we will over expose so we can later adjust through colour grading. We will use both natural and artificial lighting; natural light will ensure all can be seen, whereas artificial lighting (as done in our test shots) will be used for highlighting.
 The music placed over the montage is a soundtrack taken from Resident Evil. It is a soundtrack that may contribute to inspiring our own made track due to its ability to create tension and eeriness suited to our chosen 'thriller' genre.
 Overall, despite not being happy with the lighting within the test shots, I feel that there is some really nice shots in there that my team and I would like to pursue in our final opening sequence.
(For the clip to play the quality must be adjusted to 1080p HD)

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