Friday, 2 November 2012

Preliminary Task Storyboard

Hello readers,
To further explore skills and begin to understand and practice continuity editing to a further extent, we were set a task to create a very short film making use of continuity editing. Continuity editing is ensuring each clip smoothly follows on from the other and creates a feel of realism. For example, if in one cut a character wears a hat, yet in the next cut is wearing no hat this is a bad example of continuity editing and creates a non realistic and unprofessional feel. This means continuity editing is something really important to consider - especially for our initial task to create a film opening. In a group of three, we created an idea for our preliminary task which will have a comedic feel. The basis of the story line is that a guy is going on a date which little does he know is with a really unattractive girl (who is slightly obsessed with him!). On arrival, the guy realizes who his date is and, embarrassed, makes his way over to the table where he is immediately questioned on his arrival.  He swiftly makes for escape, but his date drastically murders him! We hope to ensure smooth continuity editing is achieved throughout.

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