Thursday, 11 October 2012

Shot Types

Hello readers,
In the Media industry when filming it is important to alternate and consider the use of different shot types. The impact of using different shot types within a film is huge as it can withhold the viewers interest and allow the viewer to have varied perspectives throughout the film; whether to see action going on in the surroundings or to depict a character well. There is a huge range of different shot types, however below I have shown (with the help of Mr. Cuddles!) the most established and used shot types:

Canted Angle
A camera angle which deliberately slants to one side.
 Medium Close Up
Shows a person from their chest to their head.
 Close Up
Tightly frames a person or object.
 Extreme Close Up
Gets right in and shows extreme detail.

 Long Shot
Shows the entire object or human in some relation to their surroundings.
 Low Angle Shot
Shot from a camera angle positioned low on the vertical axis looking up.
High Angle Shot
When the camera is located above the eye line looking down on the subject.

I will be considering using shot types like the ones shown and others in my preliminary task and other media productions to create an interesting sequence.

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