Monday, 24 September 2012

School Promotion Video

Hello readers,
To test the waters of filming and editing on 'Final Cut', our media class were set a task to create a promotional video for the school. This gave us the opportunity to put to test our abilities to film and produce something with some of us having barely any experience (including myself!) in the space of three hours. What at first seemed like a daunting and intimidating task shortly became a creative and enjoyable challenge. Filming took place on handheld cameras mounted on tripods around the school, taking shots of different areas of the school that portrayed the educational environment positively. After filming took place, the media was synced onto the editing software and then manipulated to result in a final piece. I learnt how to make titles, speed up and slow down clips, insert transitions, quieten or completely mute original sound and transfer a soundtrack into the video. Overall, this task really set a good introduction to media and what to expect in the upcoming months for all students. I personally enjoyed the ability to be creative whilst learning valuable skills in 'Final Cut' that will help me later on when completing the set exam task.

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